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Our first month together – First monthsary

Our first night together Β .

Our first sleep over together .

So we had our first T11 class sleepover held in Sentosa , Hotel Michael . Hosted by our MOST LOVEABLE RAYNE ! We had so much fun that day , playing games , watching movies , having HTHT ( heart-to-heart-talks ) . And we only slept at 6am . Some of us didn’t even sleep XD . Through this one night together , we get to know each and everyone of us better and understands each other more . This was one good chanceee . And , the only regret i have is that it is not full attendance . ): We misssss the rest who were not there . ONLY IF everyone was there .

There’ll still be chance okay , we have a full 3 years together πŸ˜€ XD πŸ˜› ❀

Okay so this short post is just to inform you that my Gallery is updated πŸ˜€ Head over there nowww ~ I’ll see you there !



520 ( I Love You )

Hello πŸ™‚ So i’m staying back in school for CCA today and iΒ have nothing to do so i decided to blog !

So today is 20th May , in short , 5/20 . And 520 in chinese characters meant ” WO AI NI ” Which is I Love You . Hehe one of my secondary school friend send me this through whatsapp and it writes ” Hey ! Today is May 20 (520) which is ILOVEYOU day ! So everyone , I love you guys ! <3<3<3<3 and Emoji hearts ! ”

Isn’t that sweet πŸ˜› . Yup so , this week i have met quite a number of secondary school friends and i miss them a lot . We haven’t been communicating for . . months ? And now we finally met ! There’s a lot to catch up . We exchanged number once again ( as we lost both our contacts ) and started chatting . As promised , we will meet up for lunch one day !

Yesterday i have a short JAJ meet up with my two babes , Jolynn and Angela . We lunch together and we went to sign up for a NUSU camp together ! This means we have more chance to meet okay ! Our schedules are so tight and we hardly could meet and really sit down to chat . We miss each other so much . Yesterday’s meeting was real short , as after signing up , i have to rush for Sports and Wellness straight after that as i was late . ): That was so sad . Lets put in more effort and squeeeeeeze whatever time we have to meet in future okay girls ? ❀

Next , Sports&Wellness . The sport i chosen is HipHop . Yesterday was real hard ! The choreography taught , i need time to digest , learn and practise . The actual lesson was on 1pm-3pm . But there is a make-up lesson , so lesson extended all the way till 5pm . Also , i left early yesterday as i have a ScolarShip interview ! I left at 4.20 and went for the interview . The interview wasn’t really smooth , as they ask a lot on CCA and i totally made the wrong choice of CCA the whole secondary school life which i regret a lot . I think that Air Rifle ruin my life . I totally don’t get to do the things i like ( Dancing , Drama ) As after i found out that i joined the wrong CCA from the start , it is too late to change .But anyway , it’s okay if i didn’t pass the interview . Anyway , being shortlisted is already an achievement to me . I’m contented .

After that i went for my Korean Cultural Club CCA and went home totally DRAINED . Yesterday was really a long and tiring day . Bathed and eat and wash up , did some homework and went to bed early .

Okay so this is just a short post about yesterday and some sharing of today’s date . I find it really coooool ! And for this post to be published and written today , on 520 , that means i love you all okay ! I love all of you readers ! Have a great day ahead and ANNYEONG/ANNYOUNG !


Fun in School ! ~ CCAs ~

Heyyoooo ~ Welcome back to another weekly post !

Teehee , its been three weeks in school and i’m loving it ! XD

Yup , i’ve said this once and i will say this again . I really LOVE T11 and my lovely ladies for life ! Here i want to thank everyone from T11 , who are willing to take up the effort to bond , learn and play together ! Thank you so much buddies who make me laugh and those awesome peeps who Skype with me till as late as 4am / dawn ! I’m so lucky and glad that i’m here , being close friends and classmates with T11 . Okay , i shall cut down on mushy words as T11 clearly know how much i loves them and some might know what i wanna say . So , lets move on to CCA . I decided to share and write about this as i just came home from Chinese Drama Club ~


Okay for those who don’t know , i LOVE dancing and acting and singing . So for the CCA , i signed up for not 1 not 2 but FIVE CCAs . They are Chinese drama club , Korea culture Club , Contemporary dance , Hiphop dance , Dancesport ! Ohohoh and Stage52 . Most of the CCAs requires auditions . Yeap i’ve gone through them and i failed . But so what if i failed ? As long as i don’t give up right ? I’ve never been to any dance auditions before . I’ve never regret going as i’ve really learnt a lot and that is a really good experience ! Β Yeppp , so i have another KPOP dance club audition this coming saturday ! πŸ˜€ Fighting !

Yep and , these CCAs actually do clash . So i have got to choose between them . You guys may think ”WOAH so many CCA , can cope ? ” Well , to me , i’m really happy that i can do the things i like . If you are doing the things you like , you will not complain no matter how tired you are . Imagine everyday i am looking forward to the end of the lesson , not to go home , but to go to CCA . I think it is a form of happiness . So i’ll try to cope and do whatever it takes to manage my CCA and assignments . As i am really happy that i can do what i want . Even though i’m coping well now , i promised my dad , if i can’t cope in any point of time , i will leave one CCA . And i hope that day will never come .

So , i missed out Hiphop dance audition ( I’ll learn hiphop from my sports&wellness ! ) and did not pass ContemporaryΒ dance’s audition . Now i’m currently and official in Chinese drama club , Korea culture club and Dancesport ! Which took up monday to thursday . That means i’m only left with friday to rest ! Fighting , cheer on for me and i’ll never give up okay !

”Nothing can make me more happy than doing the things i love” .


Haahhaha okay so Rayne and i took some selfies in class today and some are really FUNNY i cannot XDXD Check them out guys !

Proceed to Gallery for more #awesomeness .

Okay so here are some sneak peek of our SELFIES  .   Want more ? Check it out at my Gallery ~

Okay so here are some sneak peek of our SELFIES .
Want more ? Check it out at my Gallery ~

Photo on 14-5-14 at 9.12 am



Scrolll upp and click Gallery for some laugh ! XD


Alright i’ll stop here and i’ll start with other assignments before getting my good night sleep ! Good night readers πŸ˜€


HEYYYOO ! Suppp , i’m gonna do another blogpost today πŸ˜›

So , i think that after last night’s confession game , my class T11 knows each other inside out now . So this is how it goes . We created a T11 whatsapp group . And through there , we decided to set-up a account for us to do our T11 confession there . It is to confess anything , from our darkest secret to what we can see . This is so that we will know each other better and bond even more as a class . We want to be united and ensure that no body is left out as we love each and everyone of us from top to toe .

So the game is like this . We have to post a confession ANONYMOUSLY Β and after we collect a number of confessions , we will start posting the confessions one by one on the whatsapp group we originally had . And from there we will guess who is the confessor . After 5 minutes if the confessor is still unknown , he/ she will own up . Yuppp sounds fun huh ? Wanna play ? Unless you’re in our class :B DVFXT11;2014 yooo ~

This game lasted for .. 5 hours maybe ? We played from around 11pm/12am all the way to 4am earlier this morning . And we already Β said to continue this and we are gonna play through ooVoo tonight . Yupyup . And this is gonna last for 3 years till we graduated . All the memories stored . For now , we reply every confession to ‘-‘ as we are gonna guess them again 3 years later . This is to recall the memories we had and the process of us bonding .

Okay about yesterday’s game , Of course there were up and downs ): We had FUN and we also learnt how to understand and feel people . We are here to let you people out there know that you are not alone πŸ™‚ I am really blessed and lucky and happy to be in this class . Because without them , i find no reason to smile , to joke and to laugh . Thank you guys , i mean it when i say thank you . From the bottom of my heart .

Also , i would want to apologise as i think i really did ruin most of your moods and totally ruin the game yesterday . Please forgive me and support and help me to stand up again okay . Please help me grow to be a better person . Β I will not give up and please don’t give up on me . We were said to go through storm and rainbows together ! We cry and laugh together as a class okay , lets show how united we are as a CLASS , T11 ! Β I believe we CAN DO IT ! As long as we don’t give up , there will still be hope . And remember Β – The real failure is when you decided to give up ! Keep trying ! πŸ˜€

Okay my thoughts are very messy now and i might forget what i want to say but what i meant is almost all written down . I feel very guilty and bad >w< . But anyways , all i want to say is , i am really grateful and thankful for such wonderful class with amazing friends by my side . You guys are AWESOME ! πŸ™‚

And actually there is no school today . But i came to school because i have a dance audition later on with Youyi ! πŸ˜€ Yuppp , i don’t think i can even pass the audition but at least i tried right Β ?XD Anyway i already joined 2 CCAs . So it really doesn’t matter if i got accepted or not . I just go with YouYi to gain experience from auditions and learn more ! πŸ˜€

To sum everything up , just remember this . I LOVE T11 . <3<3<3<3<3<3<3 times effinity more .

I apologise to my non-chinese friends but i don’t know how to translate this to english . I’ll try okay , forgive me if i’m wrong .

” As long as you’re not happy with the result , it is still not the time for you to give up. ”

”εͺθ¦δ½ θΏ˜ζ˜―θ§‰εΎ—δΈη”˜εΏƒοΌŒε°±δΈζ˜―εˆ°ζ”ΎεΌƒηš„ζ—Άε€™γ€‚”

The beginning – First two weeks in school .

Hello πŸ˜€

Its been two weeks since school starts . Time flies , memories stored , and bond grows !

Firstly , i will start off my post with some SELFIES πŸ˜€

Photo on 5-5-14 at 10.56 am #3 Photo on 5-5-14 at 11.16 am Photo on 7-5-14 at 9.09 am

ShoauHuayyy Youyii and Aisyah ! Kimmy and Rayne was not in class that time ! And Farhana was busy >w< . Yepp and you see XingJian photo bombing ~

This is ShoauHuayyy Youyii and Aisyah ! Kimmy and Rayne was not in class that time ! And Farhana was busy >w< . Yepp and you see XingJian photo bombing ~

Photo on 5-5-14 at 11.27 amPhoto on 5-5-14 at 11.01 am #3Photo on 5-5-14 at 11.00 am #3Photo on 7-5-14 at 9.10 amPhoto on 5-5-14 at 10.50 am #2Photo on 5-5-14 at 10.51 am #2Photo on 29-4-14 at 3.51 pm

So here are some photos of me and each of them <3 T11 babes <3

So here are some photos of me and each of them . My T11 babes ❀

We’ve yet to take any T11 CLASS PHOTOS this week . Next week okay ! πŸ˜€ I’ll wait for my fish eye lens to arrivee !

So if you know me well enough , you should know i LOVE iPhone Camera !! And i always borrow phone from my iPhone friends and SPAM SELFIES . Therefore , i am called the ‘ Selfie Queen ‘ πŸ˜€ Hahahaha Thanks baby for lending me your phone . ❀

This first two weeks in NGEEANN . If i am to use one word to describe , it will be AWESOME . I loveee all the times spend in NP —> FMS —> DVFX —> T11 ! ❀ Almost everything , everywhere , everyone ! πŸ˜€

I’m also happy as i got to meet my BESTIES from FMSFBC , VENERA ! JAJ FTW YOO ~ My beloved Angelaaaa and Jolynnnnn ! πŸ˜€ Hahah we always say that we would go to lunch or dinner together and we were always waiting for every chance to fulfil this ! I am really thankful and grateful and LUCKY to have met you girls at the beginning of my 3 years journey or even before school starts ! Finally we got to meet today ! :D:D Here’s a few photo of us ! ( Will be uploaded later ! )

This week , is the first teaching of S&W ! I was VERY #eggcited ! As i love my sport . I got into my FIRST choice ; Hiphop ! But i was kind of disappointed as i didn’t dance well >w< . I said , i’ll do whatever it takes ! All my friends are teaching me patiently with love and care , HERE’S A HUGE THANK YOU ❀ I’ll do my very best and i’ll do what it takes ! Please don’t give up of me and let’s HAVE FUN TOGETHER πŸ˜€

Also , i had a meet up with my SECONDARY SCHOOL BFFFS last week ! πŸ˜€ I am sooooo happy ! I miss all of them and we promised to have more meet up in future alrights ! BFFF for life for ever and ever and forever ! Lunch more often please despite our busy schedule , we still made that effort to meet ! πŸ˜€

Also , i had dinner with my TWINNEH last last friday ! Tiffany Ng Pei Qi ! ❀ I miss her loads toooo !

This is Stephanie Ng Pei En yoooo ~ hahahaha i love the chemistry between us babe , KEEP IN TOUCH YOO !

I am really happy if you tell me that i spread the smile , joy and laughter to people around me . Thanks to those who made me smile or laugh , i love all of youuu !

Lectures are still manageable until now . I tend to look forward to lectures because my classmates and lecturers are way toooooo amazing πŸ˜€ . I can’t wait ! πŸ˜€

Because of all these loveable people , i smell fun in my 3 years of adventure in NP ! πŸ˜€ Thank god i met you all ! Lets complete this journey together and help one another throughout ! #Swegsters , #JAJ #T11 , #andwhoeverlovesme , #andwhoeveriloves , LETS GO FOR IT XD ! HWaiting , FIGHTING ! JAIYOUUU !

Okayyyy , I’M DONE πŸ˜€

Have a nicee dayyy ~

Chaosss~ πŸ˜›



Okayy so HI THERE !

Alright so let’s get started !

Firstly let me introduce myself ! My name is KWOK LIΓ€NG LÌ and you can call me JOY ~

I love laugh and i hope to spread the JOY to people around me πŸ˜€

I am in NGEEANN Polytechnic , FMS ‘s DVFX ! That is my 9th choice but i’ve never regret getting into that πŸ˜€ Because all my 12 choices are related to Film and Media anyway ~ Other than that , i’ve met AWESOME friends and i will be talking about that later πŸ˜€

Perhaps i will update a page about me later and you will get to know me better there !


So this is my first ever post in this blog ! WELCOME ABOARD ! HAHAHA ! I created this blog for school work ~ And i will also be updating my life in poly here ~ And some of my personal life ~ Like this one here .

Today is a public holiday thus there is no school XD . Somehow i feel that i am not as happy as how i would react to this back in secondary school years . It is most probably because i LOVE attending lectures in poly as my classmates are so awesome ! Also , the lecturers are friendly ! They will crack jokes and the lectures will not be that boring . We would take selfies in class too ! I love how my class bond together as a family ! πŸ˜€ And i miss the times when some of us uses ooVoo to video call and get to know each other even more . Even though it’s just a short 2 weeks spent with them , i have faith that we will continue to learn and grow throughout the coming 3 years and we will overcome obstacles , laugh and cry together .

So here’s a selfieee of my amazing class T11 ~




So back to my personal life ,Β Β i woke up at 10am today ? Actually i am a very very deep sleeper and i usually wake up at 1pm during holidays or weekends . Therefore 10am to me , is counted as VERY EARLY . And , i went to JEM with my dad . After that we went to IMM and some paintings really caught our eyes and i want to share it with you . Because it is simply gorgerous ! Here you go !


So this is me and the painting bought this morning :D

So this is me and the painting bought this morning πŸ˜€

I choose that because i really like the colour PURPLE ❀ .

Alright , i am ending off this very first post here .

Good night ! πŸ˜€


All glory to GOD , AMEN .